Meet Me at the Barre

I hate(d) working out! For me, “exercise” was just something looming over my head making me feel guilty. A friend suggested I try Barre in the Park and the first class was FREE, so there was my motivation. Well, kind of. I still had to get off my butt and actually show up at class! I’m so glad I did . . . because now I am officially hooked on barre. Barre is not intimidating, the small movements are geared towards getting the most bang for your buck out of the exercise time. And, boy do they work! I can actually see muscles in my arms and shoulders that I have never seen before and my legs and butt have definitely firmed up . . . just in time for pool season! Will I ever have 1% body fat or become a fitness model?? No, of course not, because I do still love french fries and donuts and well the list is really endless . . . But, I have more energy, muscle tone, and stamina than ever before! Thank you to Megan Campbell and Barre in the Park! If you haven’t found an exercise routine you love, or if you want to mix your current routine up a bit — try it out, first class is free! (

Kale no . . .

I’m a junky eater. Always have been. But, at 42 years old my tummy is giving me a wake up call (a painful one) when I only eat junk. Bummer. I know something has got to change, but when a juice cleanse is suggested my brain says — uh, no. How on earth would I (ME) get through 3 whole days with only fruits and veggies pressed into liquid form . . . and it includes KALE! Uh-uh, no way. Well my tummy overruled my brain when it started hurting when I drank alcohol. Because, I “need” my glass of bubbly! Juice cleanse here I come (insert nose plugged and gagging it down) 🙁

DAY 1: I was pleasantly SURPRISED when I tasted BREEN JUICE’s Kelly’s Green Juice! I honestly did not taste the Kale at all, or the spinach! It was kind of fruity actually and good 🙂 On to the carrot (CAR) and lemon-apple-mint (LAM) juices and finished off the day with organic almond milk. All were not only drinkable — but good and filling. Day 1 passed pretty quickly and day 2 and 3 the same. Day 4 I almost wished I was still doing it — I mean all my meals were already prepared, woo hoo!

RESULTS: my stomach stopped hurting, I lost 4 pounds, I feel great! And, bonus I of course ate a cheeseburger on day 4 (I am ME, of course) and no stomachache! Moderation, moderation, moderation — gotta just not slip back into my old ways! BREEN JUICE gave me a good jump start into healthy, mindful eating. I think this 3 day juice cleanse would be amazing to do once a quarter — just to re-set!

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StapletOM, get your Yoga on!

Love yoga? I just yoga’d with StapletOM at Station 26 and I left feeling energized and peaceful (super combination for a mommy always on the go!). StapletOM has plenty of yoga around the ‘hood this summer, so check out their website, hook in with Lora and get signed up for a class soon! And, get geared up for the ever popular StapletOM multi-day yoga festival coming this September! StapletOM can be found under “Businesses” and “Fitness” right here at 🙂

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